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Presidential Candidate, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Pushes Plan to Fight Opioid Epidemic

In 2018, Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Elijah Cummings introduced the Comprehensive Addiction Resources Emergency (CARE) Act. The bill authorizes $100 billion over the course of 10 years to combat the Opioid crisis. The bill takes notes from the Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency Act that went into effect in 1990. It distributed federal funding directly … Continued


Teen Athlete Opioid Abuse and Addiction

The Link Between Teen Athletes and Opioid Abuse and Addiction Every year, millions of American teenagers partake in high school sports and become injured throughout the course of a season. As athletic participation and injury among the nation’s youth continues to increase, the number of emergency room visits, surgeries, and prescriptions for Opioid medications do … Continued


What Is Doctor Shopping?

Opioid Questions: What Is Doctor Shopping? Doctor shopping is a major phenomenon affecting patients and doctors in the United States. Patients seek multiple medications from visiting different doctors and having prescriptions filled. To add to this, patients do not tell their doctors of previous doctor visits, or what medications they have been using for the … Continued